The design process now moves to the next step where the design ideas are turned into reality.

All our jewellery is handcrafted in our own workshop by one of South Africa's few experienced goldsmiths. Michael Angove has, over the last 33 Years embraced the art form of jewellery manufacturing to produce these miniature works of art.

Using gold, platinum, precious and semi-precious gemstones as required, he transforms Noeline's designs into reality. As all the pieces are individually designed and handcrafted, no two designs will ever be alike, providing exclusivity to our work.

Services we offer:

3D Rendering of  Designs

Sourcing of Diamonds, Tanzanite and Gemstones

Certified Jewelery Valuations

Assisting with Quotes on Insurance Claims

Private Consultations on request

Repairing of jewellery

Remodelling of Existing Pieces

Laser Engraving

Laser Welding

Rhodium Plating and Polishing of Jewellery